Monday, April 16, 2007

16. Submit Your Blogs at AGLOCO Directory

For all the bloggers out there, if your blog have any information about AGLOCO, please don't be too shy and submit your blog at AGLOCO Directory. It's FREE to submit your blog and you can gain more visitors to your blog. AGLOCO Directory will accept:

  • blogs that contain 100% agloco information,

  • blogs with at least one post about Agloco,

  • other blogs with Agloco links/banners on them.

After submitting your blog, paste the html code given on your blog. It will look like this:

I had submit my blog a few weeks ago and you can see this AGLOCO Directory button in your right handside. Feel free to click that button and vote for my blog. I would like to thanks to everyone who just vote for me recently. Click here to add your blogs to AGLOCO Directory.

Not an AGLOCO's Member yet? Why don't you sign up under me and join My AGLOCO's Team, I will help you expand your community.