Friday, April 13, 2007

7. AGLOCO'S Vision

During the last ten years, the Internet has spawned a new economy: one where users create tremendous economic value but hardly get anything in return. With AGLOCO we want to change that thinking. We hope that all companies that depend on its users will eventually believe in what we do – The Members should share the value they generate for the company.

We believe that AGLOCO will be a success if we can change the entrepreneurial mindset on the Internet. Instead of only looking for ways users can help them build the company, future entrepreneurs will be asking how the users can share in the value creation.
We believe in a different way of looking at users on the internet. We developed the following philosophy for AGLOCO and we welcome your comments ( After all, it's your company.
10. Members should be owners
The Members who are the source of value for an internet company should own that company. This brings transparency and rewards the right people who contribute to developing the company.
9. Providers should be stewards
The providers of a service where Members create the value should act as stewards, not owners. The stewards of the company have a duty to do what is right for the community, and maximize the benefits for the community. The stewards will act in the best interest of the community if the incentive system is aligned.
8. You can make money without changing anything you do
The internet currently generates value from nearly everything a user does online. From a simple internet search, to clicking on an ad, to making a purchase, someone is making money from these activities. Our job, as stewards of a large community, is to ensure a fair part of that value is returned to our Members.
7. Privacy is not a nice to have, it is a must have
Our Members privacy is paramount. After all, without our Members, the community would not exist. That is why we will never sell, disclose or give away any or all of our Members' information. A high level of privacy is far more valuable to the community than any alternative.
6. Trust is everything
The AGLOCO platform can be a gateway for an array of other services developed to provide both monetary and service benefits. Whether early virus and phishing site alerts or simply a trusted information exchange, Members should benefit from such a community.
5. Every single Member benefits
Every Member should benefit in his or her way by joining a trusted community. Whether earning money while surfing, or giving that money away to charity, we believe the platform should represent what the Internet should be: a source of benefit for a large section of the population.
4. Members that own the community should help promote and police it
A user that owns part of the community has more incentive to promote it and keep it free of malicious software and ill-intentioned individuals. We believe that the overwhelming majority of our Members will want to reach out to friends, family and colleagues, as well as protect themselves from scams and pitfalls on the Internet.
3. A community with a shared sense of responsibility
We stray away from advertising and products that are socially unacceptable. We strive to create an active and socially responsible community.
2. A global community
The internet unites the world across cultures, borders and languages. AGLOCO wants to bridge the divide in global understanding and promote itself as a cross cultural, socially aware and responsible community.
1. Free is too expensive (our favorite)
A free service is always great. However, if Members produce what becomes the core value of the company – as we have seen with recent online mega-deals - then we believe Members should receive a good portion of the financial benefit that the company derives.
The AGLOCO Development Team