Monday, April 23, 2007

23. Link Exchange With My Blog.

Ladies and gentlemen,
There are basically TWO WAYS your blogs or sites can get benefit and more exposure from my blog:

1. Exchange link with my blog.

2. Become a commentator for my post.

The main reason I have decided to start link exchange is to grow the exposure of my blog in the blogosphere. The more traffic we generate together, the more people will get the information about both of the sites. So, let's exchange link and get more exposure from all around the world.

This programs is not just for an AGLOCO's blogs or sites only. Anyone who have a blogs or sites that interested in link exchanges with my blog are welcome. I f you are interested, please let me know:

1. Your Link Title.

2. Your Link URL.

3. Short description about your pages.

To link back to my blog, I'm appreciate if you put:

1. Link Title: Project AGLOCO

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Besides, you can give comments to my posts to get more exposure for your sites. Please leave your info in the comment section and I will add your links as soon as possible! Thanks again for your support.

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