Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2. Project AGLOCO

This is my biggest ever project in 2007, give me support and I will give your site a review or you can exchange link with me.In this PROJECT AGLOCO, I am going to write a series of posts with all the information about AGLOCO. The company activities, the people behind it, the concept of the revenue sharing business, technology involved and the Viewbar plus all the new updates of the AGLOCO community.

Why am i going to do this?
Because I like the idea behind this company and I want to be one of the person that make a history in internet world with AGLOCO. It would reward all its members not only for their browsing activities once the Viewbar is released, but for building the AGLOCO community. The bigger this community is the more earnings it will bring for the members. More companies will then come to AGLOCO community for promoting their products and building their product reputation and of course to sell them.

Why should you read my PROJECT AGLOCO?
PROJECT AGLOCO will be more than a blog which would give its readers the complete up to date information about AGLOCO. With up to date information on the happenings. Also linking other AGLOCO blogs, forums on the net, so that the people seeking information about AGLOCO have one place where they can find most updated information on this topic as well as visit other blogs offering more information on AGLOCO.

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It's Your Internet - Own A Piece of It

4 Simple Steps To Earn Money Online
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