Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3. History: Paid to Surf

First of all, let me took backward into the history of Paid to Surf. Paid to surf is a business model that became popular in the late 1990s, prior to the dot-com crash. It is a type of Get-Paid-To website. Essentially, a company places advertising on members' screens and pays them from advertising earnings.

The first and most well-known pay-to-surf company was AllAdvantage. It launched in March 1999 and grew to 13 million members in little over a year with the multi-level marketing system of recruiting new members. The scheme capitalized on the notion that anyone could make money on the internet without much effort.

AllAdvantage’s success attracted many imitators. At its peak, there were several dozen pay-to-surf companies. AllAdvantage had US$175 million in venture capital; its imitators did not and thus their members were never more than a small fraction of AllAdvantage's. Below is the AllAdvantage viewbar:

Most pay-to-surf companies disappeared just as quickly as they appeared after the dot-com crash. After 18 months, even AllAdvantage ceased operations. At that point, AllAdvantage had paid out over US$120 million to its members.Now, I will show you checks that have been received by AllAdvantage members.

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