Friday, May 4, 2007

30. Mini Review Program

I've been following Malaysia Love AGLOCO for a long while now and I must admit it's one of my favourite blogs so I was absolutely honored when Steve, the author of Malaysia Love AGLOCO write a short review about my blog recently. Now, I will do exactly the same as what Steve did but the rules are a bit different.

I'm organizing a Mini Review Program in my blog twice a month (15th and 30th day every month). I know it seems to be not enough to just write a mini review but this is how I want to appreciate all peoples around me who gives full support to my Project AGLOCO. A big thank you to all my readers and visitors from all over the world!

Here are the deals how to get a free review in my Mini Review Program:

  1. It is not a must to be a member of my MyBlogLog Community but I'm very appreciate that. Join my community here.
  2. This program run twice a month (15th and 30th day every month).
  3. The selected readers and visitors are based on Recent Readers widget snapshot that will be captured in 15th and 30th day every month.
  4. Only one mini review ( up to 30 words) will be post per member.
  5. These rules are subjected to change and this program may expired at anytime.

So, to all my readers and visitors, support me by joining my MyBlogLog Community here. Feel free to visit my blog on 15th and 30th day every month to get a mini review for FREE! Don't miss a free link giveaway! See you around.

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