Monday, June 4, 2007

63. Capture Colors Using AdesClrPicker

Just now, I'm stucked at The author of this personal blog is giving away free linkback for reviewing his own product, AdesClrPicker. I think this is a great chance and I'm on my way to write about the AdesClrPicker.

Before that I would like to tell you a little bit about the author. Abdylas Tynyshov (picture) who is better known as "Ades" is a full time blogger, Internet Entrepreneur and Creative Consultant from Kyrgyz Republic. Ades is a founder of which is a web portal that offers high quality web resources, web design related tutorials and software like AdesClrPicker.

Actually, AdesClrPicker is a software to capture colors to your websites or blogs. If you still using Photoshop, Ithink you should try AdesClrPicker because with this software you can do the same much faster. You can get this nice color picker trial version if you wish to try it by yourself.

Screenshot : AdesClrPicker in the System Tray.

Here are some of the advantages and features for AdesClrPicker according to Ades.

1. Improved interface.

2. You can modified the colors in Color Library.

3. Automatically add colors from Floating Menu to the Color Library.

4. You can use Color Library to store your favorite colors.

5. To exit the program, just Right Click the mouse.

6. Tooltips for the beginner users (which can be ON/OFF)

7. Easy to use and user friendly.

8. Loads fast and small in size.

9. Use hotkey to capture colors.

10. Can store last 10 captured colors in the memory.

Besides this great softwares, Ades also comes up with an excellent and informative blog post about Web 2.0, Online Tools, Search Engines Optimization (SEO), latest Web Technologies and making money online. For more information, you can visit now.