Friday, June 1, 2007

59. E-mails From Nuffnang

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Yesterday, I got another 2 emails from Nuffnang (What is Nuffnang?) mentioning about incoming advertisements on my blog, Project AGLOCO. The advertiser, Sportsplanet have choose to advertise in my blog from 3rd of June until 30th of June 2007. Wow, it's about a month and I hope these campaigns will increase my earnings in the Nuffnang's account.

Image 1: Screenshot for my first email from Nuffnang

Image 2: Screenshot for my second email

In addition, I have checked out new information from Nuffnang Official Blog and found out that starting on 3rd of June 2007, every blog in the Nuffnang Community will be served a paid ad. This is what Nuffnang's admin said in the latest post:

New Advertiser Campaigns - Starting from this Sunday just about every blog in the Nuffnang Community will be served a paid ad. We will also be rolling out our first Cost Per Click campaigns where bloggers will be paid anywhere from RM0.50-RM5 per click, depending on the advertiser. Also expect to see a number of Cost Per Action schemes on our network in time to come. As with the rest of the campaigns we run, our advertisers pay only for unique visitors originating from Malaysian IP addresses and clicks but the Cost Per Action scheme will be independent of the country’s unique visitors.

New Events - We’ve received a number of complaints from bloggers in North Malaysia that we haven’t yet had a Nuffnang event there. Along with a panel of Nuffnangers, we’re already finalizing the works of a blogger event to be held up in Penang by the end of June. To the Nuffnangers in East Malaysia, don’t pack your bags… we’ll be there before you know it.
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