Saturday, June 30, 2007

75. 4th Batch: Mini Review Program

Hello guys and girls out there, here come the 4th Batch of my Mini Review Program which is running on every 15th and 30th day every month. Let's see who will be lucky enough to get free mini review from me this time. A big thank you to all my readers, visitors and supporters, enjoy reading my mini review. Looking forwards for the next batch in 15th of July 2007. So, here is the luckiest persons in my 4th batch. Check it out!

1. Faddy - Faddy is an owner of I really like her site and her post since the style is attractive and sounds friendly to me. She also have many commentators in her site and maybe you can be one of them. By the way, thanks for dropping by Faddy.

2. akiraceo - Actually I found this blog from Nuffnang site. Read more about Nuffnang here. What I like about this blog is the 'Miao' mascot. Akiraceo is a blog about life, movies, trave and 'Miao' itself. Happy blogging my new friend.

3. lonelyhu - is a blog about love, romance, relationship, marriage, family, work, life, society and what they means to us. Right now, you can get free review for your blog in this site, please check this post to find out more.

4. jegr - jegr is one of the AGLOCO members and I think he just started a blog about AGLOCO. The blog entitled AGLOCO - Make Money While Surfing.

5. thebaptist - This is the 2nd time thebaptist or Simon appearing in my Mini Review Program. Congrats Simon. He just started a new making money site and it's worth to take time browsing around his new site, Simon's Money Note.

6. fencer - fencer have a blog about music and movies. The design and the layout of this blog is clean I like the way fencer presented the music albums. For whom would like to search for the new music album, check out this site, Bajaloads.

7. Blionky - Blionky likes to explore the depth of the internet and constucting article with a purpose. His blog, Constructicle Boy is a place which you can find some great post about internet and making money online too.

8. chankailoon - chankailoon is an owner of and he likes to blog about movie, design and comics. His recent post includes, Transformers Review and Mr Rabbit Exercise. Cool blog!

9. Rishi - Rishi authoring Technical Blogs which aimed to showcase some great and hidden finds from the internet. Right now, he is organizing a contest and guess what, he is giving out a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-S650.

10. thurga - thurga runs a blog entitle Mutiara Hidup which covers short story, info board and mystery. Good Luck with your blog thurga!

Would you like to be include in my next Mini Review Program on 15th July 2007(4th Batch: Mini Review Program), simply visit my blog on 15th July 2007 and if you are lucky enough, your blog will be featured in my next Mini Review Program. Please read the rules for this program HERE.

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