Wednesday, May 30, 2007

56. 2nd Batch: Mini Review Program

It's time for my 2nd Batch: Mini Review Program (What is Mini Review Program?). Sharp at 10.30 pm on 30th May 2007, I've captured 10 readers who last visited my blog from my MyBlogLog Recent Readers widget. Thank you for dropping by and enjoy reading my mini review.

1. kasyah - Kasyah is an owner of is a Malay Blog about his own life, soccer, his buddies, food and gifts. I think he is a creative guy according to his blog layout and how he make his post attractive. By the way, thanks for dropping by Kasyah.

2. hfadzli - This guy has a blog on AGLOCO and just now he creates one more new blog, Money Maker Spot. Good Luck and Happy Blogging my friend.

3. Cliff-A-Go-Go - Cliff-A-Go-Go or Marcus Brown runs a blog, It Could Get Worse 3.0. A little bit about himself, Marcus was born in Southampton, England and now 36 years old. He has a degree in Art and Social Content at Dartington College of Arts. Check out his blog!

4. thebaptist - Using the nickname as thebaptist, his real name is Simon. Simon is 22 years old and become a loving father to his 2 years old daughter. His blog entitled AGLOCO - The Hottest New Company on The Net.

5. TimothyTiah - Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam is a founder of Nuffnang. Actually, Nuffnang was initiated by him and Cheo Ming Shen. Read more about Nuffnang here. By the way, Timothy also have his own blog, An Entrepreneur I Will Be. Cool blog!

6. steveyu85 - Right now, I'm start to be a regular visitor to his PR4 blog. I think he is very hardworking blogger with an informative post. I like one of his recent posts about PayPal, My PayPal Account Will Be Suspended.

7. suehanna - Right now, she is still studying in Germany (Sue, please correct me if I'm wrong). Her blog, Suehanna - Ur Gal Nextdoor is in Malay describing her own life, fashion and music.

8. RajendraK - Rajendra is an AGLOCO member who has a blog about AGLOCO, AGLOCO Reviews. His blog is quite complete in AGLOCO points of view.

9. Kassper - This guy also a member of AGLOCO. Recently, he creates an exclusive 'AGLOCO Link Train' Program which cannot be missed by all AGLOCO bloggers.

10. Turk - Turk's blog, Things I Like is an attractive blog covers all opportunities to earn money while you online. Happy blogging Turk.

Would you like to be include in my 3rd Batch for this Mini Review Program. Simply visit my blog in 15th June 2007 and if you are lucky, you blog will be featured in my next Mini Review Program. Please read the rules for this program HERE.

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