Tuesday, May 15, 2007

41. 1st Batch: Mini Review Program

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Actually this is the 1st batch for my Mini Review Program (running on 15th and 30th day every month). At 10.50 pm (Malaysian time), I took a snapshot of the 10 MyBlogLog blogger who last visited my Project AGLOCO. Hopefully, you'll get something in my Project AGLOCO and enjoy reading my mini review. Thanks to all readers and visitors.

Here is my 1st Batch: Mini Review Program. Looking forward to the 2nd batch on 30th May 2007!

1. LayGuy - LayGuy is living in Australia with his wife and 2 kids. Owner of layguy.com, I like to read one of his post about AGLOCO. Check it out!

2. steveyu85 - Steve is an undergraduate student at local university and a part-time blogger who likes to share his thought on make money online opportunity. I learnt a lot from this guy, thanks Steve. His blog, Malaysian Love AGLOCO is one of my favorite blogs.

3. Khalis - Khalis is one of my best friends and we are actually classmates in Universiti Tun Hussein Onn. An AGLOCO member and has a blog in Malay, Khalis Imran : Sebuah Kisah Kehidupan.

4. Richmond - Richmond runs a blog entitled Guardian Angel Acosta. He has a great blog about his life and nursing interventions. Feel free to drop by.

5. MasterSparky - His real name is Nathan Metzger and owner of NotSoBoringLife.com. A site that provides an information about hobies such as blogging, board games and playing guitar.

6. USMANZALI - A full time blogger who has interests in blogging, earn money, webmaster, domain and paid to post. His blog, PC TALK PRO offers free softwares, hacks and info about computer world.

7. langara - This guy is from Delhi, India and has a blog on AGLOCO - AGLOCO Rocks The Cyberworld. His blog is quite informative and I think he got a lot of referrals too. Happy recruiting friends.

8. BarnabyD - This guy runs a site name BarnabyDePalma.com and offer the hottest news, ideas, tips and tools that show us how to make more sales, more money and save more times from the internet.

9. bdude - He seems to be a new guy in MyBlogLog Communities. Enjoy your stay at Project AGLOCO.

10. Kassper - Kassper is a student of economics and now working as a financial consultant. His blog 'AGLOCO - Make Money With Kassper' covered numerous question about AGLOCO.

Do you love a short review and a free link giveaway? Would you like to be include in my 2nd Batch for this Mini Review Program? Simply visit my Project AGLOCO on 30th May 2007 and if you are lucky enough maybe you will get a mini review and a free link giveaway from me. Read the rules for this program HERE.

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