Wednesday, May 9, 2007

37. Review On Ad Grid Work

Ad Grid Work [A Free Advertising and Text Link Exchange Network]
From, I know that Ad Grid Work is a free advertising resource works something like adsense or ad exchange. It's very easy, you create an ad through their sample step by step process, place a tad of code on your web page, and your ad will circulate on other web pages according to the category that you choose.

Campaign Overview

Once you sign up, you can log into your Ad Grid Work at any time and manage your account. Campaign Overview is a page that allows you to see general information relating to your Ad Grid Work advertising campaigns. This page also wil display to you how many impressions your ad has displayed and how many times your ad has been clicked.

From your Campaign Overview page, you can see how many times your ads have been displayed and how many times your ads have been clicked. If you do not see many click through, I'm suggest you should try changing your ad. For me, it is wise to log in from time to time to check your own stats.

7 Reasons Why Use Ad Grid Work

  1. It's 100% FREE. No payments. Ever.
  2. Ad Grid Work increasing your traffic. Ad Grid Work have thousands of sites on their network all ready and waiting to advertise your website or product.
  3. Improve your search engine rankings. Ad Grid Work network of advertisers provides links to your sites which are vital to increase your rankings.
  4. Ad Grid Work have attractive advertisement blocks AND text links.
  5. Your ads also promote to a targeted audience.
  6. Ad Grid Work service is completely user-friendly.
  7. Ad Grid Work provide detailed information on the users viewing your ads.

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