Sunday, May 20, 2007

46. I'm Using HaloScan

Last night, I've came across a site, HaloScan provides a free, easy to use commenting and trackback service for weblogs and websites. Actually, this is what I've been searching for a long time since I started my blog, Project AGLOCO for about a month ago. HaloScan allowing visitors to leave feedback, share their opinion, or comment on the subject at hand.

What you need to to use this service is as usual Sign up at their site and it will be helpful if you join the forum with more than 450000 members. Sign up is FREE and painless, you just fill out the few bits of information suh as your username, password, verify your password, your homepage title, your homepage URL and click continue.

Image 1 : The Sign Up page for

In my personal view, I think this service has simplify me to view, edit or delete comments from the members section or the comment page. You also can customize comment window through CSS or the HTML template editor. Besides, there are hundreds of user-submitted templates to pick from. In the security aspect, you can easily ban offensive commenters by single IP or an IP range.

I have installed HaloScan in my blog last night. After finish my installation, I'm very shock that the comments from commentators before has been missing. Unfortunately, the installation process has deleted all the comments before, I'm very sorry about this incident. After this, all comments will be featured in my sidebar : Recent Comments. So keep posting your comments and your blog or site will get more exposure from the readers.