Saturday, May 5, 2007

31. Never Give Up!

Nothing more, just to convince you all to join AGLOCO. I know more than 90% people will wake up when the company will be totally functional and at that time everybody would be running like mad to get some referrals to have a decent group size but till that time my network would have reached a member of hundreds and would be sitting and watching the show.

At this moment, I have only one thing in my mind. As I got involved with AGLOCO, my work is to give a solid base to company specially in pre launch period. Yes my dear friends, company need it and AGLOCO is definitely going to appreciate our efforts. So, let's wake up and show the world what AGLOCO is all about.

Start saying to everybody "This is the biggest Internet history, are you a part of it?". There is no risk to join AGLOCO. AGLOCO is not a scam, there is no fee to become a member. Sometimes FREE is too expensive. What are you waiting for? The Viewbar is just around the corner, join AGLOCO now and build your community. For me, it's never too late.

By the way, as I am seeing my account summary says I got 68 referrals (39 Direct Referrals and 29 Extended Referrals). My AGLOCO's Team is expand at the rate of 10 referrals per month - that's okay to me... So, go promoting and help AGLOCO to lay down a strong foundation!

It's Your Internet - Own A Piece of It.

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