Tuesday, May 22, 2007

49. Win A Mascot At BloggingTips

First of all, I would like to thanks Nick at AdGridWork.com who spread the words about this great competition. Maybe, I'm a little bit late for this competition but I'll try my best. Last two weeks, Kevin from BloggingTips have came up with a fun competition for BloggingTips readers. You can win a mascot at BloggingTips.com by participating this competition.

What You Need To Do?
All you need to do is just link back to his site using the phrase 'win a mascot at BloggingTips.com'. It doesn't matter wheather you create a new post just like this one or include the phrase 'win a mascot at BloggingTips.com' in your regular post. As an example, you can slip the link like this : After finishing my task that day, I'm having a great time with my friend and before too late let me tell you that you can win a mascot at BloggingTips.com this month.

The winner will be decided according to the 1st ranks in GOOGLE at the end of this competition. Over $400 in prizes and cash will be reward to the winner. Check it out "Win A Mascot At BloggingTips.com"!