Friday, May 25, 2007

51. Josh Lim Associates and Advertlets

Who is Josh Lim Associates and what is Advertlets?

Josh Lim & Associates are online marketing consultants (formed of a team ranging from programmers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs) who have served in markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, France, and the United States of America. Together, they have a combined number of over 30 years of experience to develop an online advertising solution, Advertlets.
Actually, I found out about Advertlets from one of my fellow friend, Steve. Advertlets is an asian blog/weblog advertising network which provides targeted, uninstrusive advertising that benefits both sides; bloggers and advertisers. Advertisers make their message count and bloggers earn money while doing what they love.

RedesignMalaysia and Advertlets. is an iniciative to improve Malaysia broadband for more factors like quality, coverage and cheaper prices. Recently, is having collaboration with to help Malaysian to get a better broadband through a campaign entitled Malaysian Demand Better Broadband. Here is the video of Josh Lim/RedesignMalaysia on NTV7's Breakfast Show.

Okay, after you watch this great video, I would like make this post as short as possible. Actually, I write this post to obtain RM 50 from Advertlets for my first project which entitle "Sign Up, Review Us and Get RM 50" and I hope they still accept my post regarding to the due date of this task. Advertlets would like me to write down these topics, let's check it out:

Why I Like Advertlets?

  • Advertlets are giving away RM 15000 to 300 Malaysian Advertlets Bloggers for sign up and write a review about them.
  • You can get more money while blogging through demographical advertisement provides by Advertlets.
  • Advertlets pays blogger in local currencies.
  • Advertlets make bloggers get better advertising that is relevant to their readers.
Why I signed up with Advertlets?

  • The registration process is FREE and easy, you just fill out a few bit information about yourself and your blog.
  • The most important reason is I want to make more money through advertising business.
  • Advertlets accepted low traffic blog like mine..:(
What I hope to get from Advertlets?

  • I want more ads in the future.
  • Last but not least, Advertlets should provide a space to all Advertlets members to speak out their opinions and suggestions.
My Suggestion
  • Maybe Advertlets can come up with a glittering ads in the future.
  • Decrease the minimum payout rate from RM 100 to RM 50.
Next Step
After reading this post, I'm suggesting you to sign up with Advertlets and become a member. It is never too late to join Advertlets, someone says it's better late than never. So, grab this chance and gain more money from Advertlets.