Monday, May 7, 2007

33. The Word 'Stentorized'

"Stentorized". I'm very excited to use this word in my post. Actually, I got this word from Johnny's blog, Stentorized Blogging. From his blog, I know that Stentorized Blogging is about writing a post and tell people out there our ideas or opinion in a more offbeat manner. Well, offbeat means in unusual, strikingly odd in appearance or effect. I'm wondering how unusually this blog will be to express Johnny's idea. Hopefully Johnny will keep his blog stentorized and keep posting. Keep up the good work dude!

Besides, this type of blogging is not to offend anyone but it's just more like a range of someone vision to the world out there. The scope also wider than usual blog such as economics, politics, weather, products and global. By the way, Johnny said that this blog also want to make the word stentorized become popular and will be accepted in blogosphere specially the words 'Stentorized Blogging'. Good Luck Johnny!

p/s: By the way, thanks for the link exchange Johnny, I'm very appreciate that.

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