Thursday, May 31, 2007

57. At Least I Got A Consolation Prize.

To all readers and visitors, if you're following my post, you should remember that I take part for the first major competition in a few days ago. The details of my post about the competition can be found here. Actually this is not a big news but I would to share my small achievement with my fellow friends, my readers, my visitors and my MyBlogLog community who has giving me a strength of spirit to let me write over and over until now. Thanks and I'm very appreciate your support to my Project AGLOCO.

I'm very grateful because I never think about winning this type of competition. I'm very exited when Kevin, the owner of announced the result and my blog win a consolation prize. At least I got a concolation prize. So, what is the prize? According to Kevin's post, he decided to give a free domain name from 815Domains to every blogger who reached the first page of Google for the search term (includes my blog, Project AGLOCO). About claiming the prize, looks what Kevin said.

All winners need to email me the domain name they want registered with details of their Enom account. If you do not have an enom account you can get one at 815Domains for free (shameless plug alert!!!). Take your time to get the domain you want - theres no rush (ie. dont think you need to email me within 24 hours with the domain name or whatever)
So, I would like to thank Kevin for the cool competion also my readers and visitors. Without all of you, I do not have a courage to write in this blog until now. I've just came up with few personal mission that I'd like to achive before the end of this year. It's not quite outrageous but one of them looks quite far fetch.

Right now I'm still blank thinking about my new domain name. Actually, there are a lot of questions around my head about this domain. Do I need to pay or is it totally FREE forever? Better asking for the right person. But if you have something to share with me or a suggestion about my new domain name, I love hearing from you all. Please leave a comment and I will consider what can I do about it. Thanks for your support.