Wednesday, May 2, 2007

26. AGLOCO Rank

"You rank in the top 3.62% of all members with referrals". This phrase are telling your AGLOCO Rank percentagely. So, what is AGLOCO Rank actually? The AGLOCO Rank is calculated by taking into consideration the number of members that signed in under your referral ID (yes, your For those of you who don't know what is AGLOCO all about, AGLOCO is a recently launched company which pays you while you surf the internet (CLICK HERE for details).

Your AGLOCO Rank is just displayed as percentage in the bottom of your referral table page. So, how do you want to know your exact AGLOCO Rank? I suggest you to use this tool that I got from Thanks to Kishore because I got this great tool information from him. This tool will let you know your exact AGLOCO Rank and how many AGLOCO members that having more referrals than you.

Besides, you can get your own tools by copy and paste AGLOCO Rank Script code into your webpages or blogs. Therefore, your visitors can check their AGLOCO Rank directly from your site. Check out your AGLOCO Rank here!

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