Wednesday, May 2, 2007

27. Referral Tracking System

My recent activities are reading and browsing a large amount of sites discussing about AGLOCO. At this time, I found a great article about Referral Tracking System at Rajendra's Blog. So, I decided to try it out by myself and get the following link

For a while, I think I have found a solution in the form of tracking my AGLOCO referral network. But, after that I still don't know how I can keep track of my downline from this page.

One thing that I like to say about this site is we can use this splash page as a promotion tool to recruit more new members. The information inside this page also rich with contents plus a cool video about AllAdvantage from YouTube. Last but not least, to all AGLOCO members, keep promoting and recruit more members to help AGLOCO build a strong foundation!

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